Our Approach

Imageworks Started in 1994 as a traditional prepress & film house. We had a Hell drum scanner, a lino 330, proofing equipment and lots of light tables. From these beginnings, we have evolved into a full solution print provider.

We believe in providing a superior product at lower than average prices. Reliability is key. We have 2 of every vital piece of equipment for redundancy and speed. 2 Heidelberg presses, 2 digital envelope presses, 2 digital production presses, 2 cutters, 2 folders.

Our Customers

Our customers tell us that they love dealing with us because we're a small company with exceptional staff and equipment. There is no concern about quality or timing. The job will be done to the highest industry standards and on time.

We are a trade printer. That means we only deal with professional print buyers. Our customers are made up of print brokers, copy shops, in-plant print shops, small printers whose equipment is too small to produce certain jobs and large printers whose equipment is too large to produce smaller jobs efficiently.

We value our print brokers and treat them like an extension our company. We don't have any sales staff and rely on print brokers to bring us work. And we, in turn, are focused on ensuring that our print brokers are profitable, competitive and deliver a quality product, on time.

Our Shop